Electroless Nickel

You can search the planet over and never find Electroless Nickel Plating like Wear-Cote, We are “THE ONLY’ choice of the Professionals!

Wear-Cote® International Inc. have exclusively specialized in this complex chemical reduction process for the past 30 years supplying a full range of services, and consider themselves the leading edge. Being one of the largest U.S. job shop applicators, they guarantee competitive costing, Specification Quality Assurance, rapid turn-around and consistent deposit metallurgy.

Wear-Cote® Electroless Nickel is used in a cross section of industrial, Military and Aerospace application. Wear-Cote® Electroless Nickel provides a UNIFORM, Stainless Steel-like alloy coating regardless of part geometry HIGH HARDNESS, CORROSION RESISTANT and a LOW COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION.

Therefore, products can be redesigned, incorporating new materials or improving the environmental capabilities of existing metals. Through their wealth of application experiences, they are also pleased to extend engineering inputs and assistance to reduce costs and improve quality.

Various U.S. and Foreign equipment and process patents, coupled with exclusive Wear-Cote® Electroless Nickel formulations, assure consistent and repetitive chemical and metallurgical properties. As an example, Wear-Cote® alloy is so ductile it is often machined, and this is not particularly true of commercial Electroless Nickel. Certifications are provided to MIL-C 26074, AMS-2404, AMS-2405, Navy MPR-1069B, plus other Industrial and Aerospace requirements. The Wear-Cote® laboratory can supply specific analysis, if desired.

Wear-Cote Plus Cfx™ PTFE product:

Wear Cote developed its proprietary PTFE-type secondary coating during the mid-1980’s and received two patents on it, US Patent #4,830,889 in 1989, and another, US Patent #6,156,390 in 2000. It uses a unique blend of lubricous particles which have a lower co-efficient of friction than Teflon® infused coatings, and it can withstand post-baking temperatures of up to 850 F that Teflon® cannot. This results in the ability to bring parts coated in electroless nickel and a secondary PTFE coating to reach high hardness of 67-70 Rc.

ASTM testing has shown our Plus Cfx™ coating to have a lower coefficient of friction and higher hardness than our competitors’ PTFE products. It is an engineering specified coating for a wide variety of defense/military, aerospace, and various industrial applications. Please see our ASTM test results in our capabilities page.

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In short, Wear-Cote® is Tomorrow’s Technology… Today™!