“During the last eleven years, our tooling savings has amounted to over 5 million dollars directly as a result of the WEAR-COTE coating over our previous pattern practice.”

{See the original John Deere Foundry Letter}

John Deere Foundry


“The excellent performance using WEAR-COTE convinced us to use it on many other offshore applications.”

“We have not had any instances of poor performance, which must say much for the quality of your work as well as the quality of the product.”

All Hydraulic Ltd
Wembley Middlesex
United Kingdom


“Take this opportunity to commend you and your organization for the expeditious manner with which you handled our requirements.”

“You may certainly take pride in your people and product.”

CR Industries


“…take this opportunity to express our great appreciation for the excellent and proficient manner that you have processed our subject parts.”

Chucking Machine Products, Inc


“I enjoyed our visit with you, and were impressed by your operation and inventiveness.”

“You should be receiving shortly a purchase requisition…”



“…as a result of our survey of your facility… your company is approved as a nuclear vendor…”

Grinnell Corporation



“We appreciate not only the excellent quality we have come to expect in your work, but also the manner in which you respond to our ‘rush’ needs.”



“Congratulations for continued acceptable quality performance on procurements delivered to Martin Merietta.”

“Thank you for being a valued partner dedicated to the principles of total quality management.”

Martin Marietta
Electronics, Information & Missiles Group


“The crew of the Columbia is pleased to present you with this medallion in appreciation of your contribution to the success of the First Manned Orbital Flight of the Space Shuttle.”



“I would like to express NIBCO’s appreciation for the excellent quality of vendor serviceability, in addition to the high quality plating received from WEAR-COTE International.”



“Your WEAR-COTE PLUS CFx process is acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry establishments…”

{See the original USDA approval letter}

United States Department of Agriculture
Washington D.C.


“…our sincere appreciation of your continued support in providing quality services on Sundstrand components.”

“Your personnel and facilities have repeatedly performed with exceptional knowledge and capability.”

UTAS/Sundstrand Aerospace Corporation


“…your company has been chosen for a special service agreement – consultant in electroless nickel plating in Hong Kong.”

United Nations Industrial Development Organization